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    Problem, solved.

    P3 group

    Global consulting and engineering firm achieves significant reduction in providing cloud cost and usage in real time to a broad user base.

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    “With PICCO we are well prepared to further expand our worldwide business by perfectly understanding and controlling the growth of our cloud operations.”

    – Jean-Claude Hick, Chief Information Officer at P3 group



    P3 is a global consulting, management and engineering services company, with a rapidly growing team of more than 3,600 consultants and engineers working to develop and implement innovative solutions to today’s complex technology challenges.

    The Problem

    To support their extensive global presence, P3 relies on a large and dynamic cloud infrastructure consisting of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Following the cloud principles of self-service, automation and elasticity, P3’s IT achieved to provide a platform to operate cloud services from different cloud providers with much greater speed and agility.

    Now that P3’s cloud usage was constantly growing they recognized there is neither an efficient process to collect the data in place nor high quality reports on cloud cost and usage are available. P3 therefore looked for a solution that helped them to quickly simplify and improve this error-prone manual process and provide superior reports to all stakeholders.

    The limited visibility into workload trends and associated cost made it almost impossible for P3’s IT team to stay on top of cost spikes and understanding what caused them. P3 also wanted more accountability for cost allocation purposes, by determining which of their departments, projects and cost center were responsible. This was becoming an increasing challenge for both IT and finance.

    With the rising cloud usage, P3 required a tool that makes cloud cost management understandable and give them back more control.

    The Solution

    After evaluating the market for cloud cost management solutions P3 was pleased to find that PICCO addressed all of P3’s cloud-cost management needs. In addition to delivering full visibility and reporting into every aspect of P3’s cloud consumption, PICCO helped to significantly reduce the workload of providing this information.

    In a first step P3 easily connected the Amazon Web Services with PICCO. Immediately P3’s manual effort in collecting and preparing the cloud cost and usage data dropped to zero. By properly tagging and assigning the cost and usage data to departments, projects and cost centers, they gained full visibility on who is spending what. With PICCO P3 is now able to understand and optimize the cloud usage and they are already perfectly prepared for the expected future growth of cloud usage. Providing access to consolidated cloud cost reports for all stakeholders involved gives everyone now a better understanding on their individual usage. This results in every individual taking own responsibility managing their cloud expenditures aligned to the P3’s guidelines.

    P3’s IT group appreciates the ability to easily identify cost drivers by using the various capabilities provided by PICCO. Finally the finance department immediately gained clarity on actual cloud cost, forecasting, budgeting and reporting.

    The Benefits

    “PICCO helped us to significantly reduce the workload and cost for collecting our cloud usage data – I’m really impressed” said Jean-Claude Hick, CIO & Head of Global IT at P3 group.

    With PICCO, P3 as a global leader in technology and consulting services, can now overcome the disruptive change of cloud services in all its facets: from providing the cloud services in a self-service mode, the transparency of its usage and costs in real time up-to the optimization of cloud usage.

    With the introduction of PICCO, P3 immediately eliminated the error-prone manual collection and preparation of the cloud usage and cost data. Now, while having easy access to the cloud cost data, P3 can simply provide access to everyone within the company. Strengthen the sensitivity by providing this information to everyone increases the entrepreneurial responsibility of each individual which will essentially lead to further cost savings.

    Cloud Services in a self-service mode can lead to unnecessary bookings of cloud services which are rarely or not used at all, but still generating cost. PICCO immediately helped P3 to identify such unused resources to reduce the overall cloud expenditures.

    Now with clear insight into their cloud activities, P3 is able to focus on their growing core business. With the help of PICCO, P3 has been already able to reduce their cloud expenditure by over 30%. P3 is now perfectly prepared for the increasing usage of cloud services.


    • Reduced human workload collecting cost data.
    • Transparent view of usage cost to everyone.
    • Reduced unnecessary cloud costs by 30%.
    • Savings helps to further grow cloud usage.


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